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April 25 2012


Using Your Cellphone in Class and Academics

It used to be the only thing a person could use a phone for was to talk on it. Over the years the phone has become what is now called a smart phone. It can be used for talking, texting, and even accessing the Internet for getting help with any schoolwork.

A student would be very fortunate if they have a smart phone and are taking some major math courses. Some smart phones, such as the iPhone 4s, are even equipped with the capability in assisting with geography or physics calculations. If using the phone for calculations then an app called Convert will help out immensely. This simple app is able to convert different currencies, help with measurements of all sorts including areas of a surface and angles. It can even help out with science if the student is dealing with force and temperatures. With a phone that can do math, it is important to ensure it is protected at all times with some stylish phone covers or even with protective phone cases made for the model of phone

It is often difficult to listen, comprehend and also write down what your instructor has said during a class. Smart phones make having to take notes far simpler with new technology. Now, you can record the entire lecture on your phone , while focusing on understanding the content of the lecture; you can write your notes down later that night at your convenience. This is one sure way of not having to hurry by writing and miss something very important.

In light of having to attend numerous classes and lectures, a student’s life becomes quite hectic. A student who is faced with several homework assignments, binders full of notes, and mass of test dates is liable to miss something somewhere. With the app known as MyHomework , everything will now be in one place and easy to access at any given moment. This app is free for everyone to download and can help the student be organized while keeping track of everything they will need to remember.

Many new words may be introduced when taking different courses. Instead of trying to guess the meaning, use the app at dictionary.com. You get a thesaurus as well as audio with this completely free app. Never again will a student be lost wondering what exactly the instructor was talking about in class.

There is nothing more discouraging then having to learn a new language in school. However, with some schools mandating that a second language is necessary, Spanish and French are now more widely seen as required classes. Sometimes it just takes hearing one letter wrong and the whole word takes on a new meaning. Get help with hard to study lessons with the 24/7 Tutor. This free app can be of great assistance in pronouncing words correctly. The audio feature allows you to hear how the word is vocalized, so you are able to emulate it.

A student is paying a great deal in order to invest in their education; it follows that any tools, such as their phone, that they use to further it be protected as best they can. The proper mobile phone cases or OEM phone cases help give that extra protection when the phone slips from the hands and goes crashing to the ground. With proper protection for your phone, you can avoid batteries falling out, scratches and nicks to the corners, and the danger of your screen shattering if you drop it. For instance, Nokia Lumia accessories, Nokia Lumia 900 accessories and Nokia Lumia 710 accessories are prime examples of excellent protective and stylish accessories.

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